adventures and celebrations

I’ve been so busy recently, everything has just been non-stop but so amazingly fun and exciting. So grateful for all the family and friends who have supported me and celebrated with me over the past few days!

So it started on the 4th of April with seeing one of my beautiful best friends, spending a day in London, catching up on all the things we hadn’t spoken about, browsing the shops, lunching in the sun and spending money we don’t have to spend. The sun was shining and it was a precious day, the start of the ongoing celebrations and busyness.

I spent the next five days with Ben and his family celebrating my 21st birthday and doing many other exciting things. On the 6th of April, I woke up super early, as I always do on my birthday (I’m a child at heart) and went downstairs to find birthday breakfast laid out for me and pancakes made by my boyfriend… he’s definitely a keeper! All my presents were out on the table and I was just made to feel so special by Ben, the rest of his family, my family and friends. The day consisted of some very cute surprises- a beautiful day out in Cambridge, going on a private punting tour, being wined and dined and a spa day to go to after my dissertation is handed in.

It’s not only been a time of celebrating my 21st birthday, but also celebrating some friends of ours, wedding. Weddings are beautiful occasions, a time to celebrate two people coming together and choosing to share their lives together. Feel so blessed to have been invited and been a part of their wonderful day!


I then came back home to spend time more time with Ben, seeing my family and celebrating with them. I knew that I was having a party with my extended family, which I was so excited about. However, I had no idea that my family and Ben had planned to invite some really special people in my life! My face when opening the door to them was a picture!! It was such a beautiful day, spending good old quality time with all the special people in my life. The celebrations continued the next day on the 11th, for my brother’s 18th birthday. We went to a pretty location in Hampshire- had a day of relaxation and fun; playing giant jenga, tennis, and visiting secret gardens.

To top off the celebrations- I received a offer for my dream job as a children’s nurse in my dream location!! Everyday I’m thankful to God for providing me with so many things to be joyful about.

May all who come to you be glad and joyful,
May all who are thankful for your salvation always say,
“How great is the Lord!”
Psalms 40:16


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