some of my favourite things

I felt very overwhelmed and lucky to receive a number of beautiful gifts for my birthday. I’m thankful to everyone who celebrated with me, it was a very special few days and i’ll cherish it for a long time to come.

I wanted to share with you just a few of my favourite things, although beware… I have a slight obsession with pink (as you can probably see from my blog site), so lots of these items are pink! The first thing that I have loved reading this month is this beauty book I received all about eating and looking after your skin well. My skin has always been bad from a young age, I suffered with acne as a teen and tried everything (including strong medications from the doctor) to try and clear it. Thankfully as I have got older my skin has cleared A LOT! However, I do still struggle with some horrible breakouts occasionally and my skin is still scarred from old spots. So, I always like to be learning more about skincare and good foods to eat to help your complexion.


So basically I absolutely love cooking, baking and making (and drinking) cocktails, so my parents kindly gave me a Kilner cocktail making kit which i’m super excited about using! Can’t wait to be making and having mocktail/cocktail evenings with my fav people. I also received a tasty recipe book to make more meals in my slow cooker! My brother treated me to some Anthropologie gold painted cutlery (okay I feel super old- I actually wanted cutlery for my birthday). But these are the prettiest things I have EVER seen in my life!


Feel so incredibly grateful to my boyfriend’s parents for buying me a Pandora PINK bracelet with a 21 charm, such a special gift! I have matched this with the watch I received- literally wear this everyday! This pretty highlighter from Mac and the perfume from Charlotte Tilbury is *heart eyes emoji*!

I then picked out and bought myself a jacket, black jeans and a pretty moon necklace- again these items I wear constantly. I adore shopping, although it’s not good when you are living off a student budget.


pretty clothes

Pink overload on this blog post, I know. Again, so thankful for everyone who made my birthday special. I’m genuinely so grateful and overwhelmed with the generosity of people!

Generosity is a practical expression of love!


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