my uni experience

As i’m coming towards the end of my university journey, I have been reflecting back on the experiences and adventures I’ve had along the way. Also, remembering the pretty tough times too. I’m lucky to say that university has (mostly) been such a positive and beautiful journey, meeting life-long friends and making amazing memories.

Throughout my childhood, I always knew that I was going to work in a hospital- my mind was constantly changing on what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be. It went from becoming a nurse, to a doctor, to a physiotherapist, to a radiographer, then I finally realised that I wanted to be a children’s nurse in about year 11. I then applied to universities and went to an open day at the university i’m at now and realised that THIS was where I was meant to be. Little did I know that my life would completely change for the better!

First year feels like an absolute age away now, reflecting back on it, it was actually quite a tough year. I think the massive changes that were happening, having to meet so many new people and learn a completely new art- the art of becoming a nurse! The challenges of a first placement and many assignments to write could sometimes feel very overwhelming, however I started to get into the swing of it and it became slightly easier as time went on. First year was also one of the most beautiful years- I met my boyfriend in the October and we became a couple (my first boyfriend!) in the December. That’s all i’m going to say now… as there is another blogpost lined up for later!
Not only that, but I met the wonderful friends that I live with now. I made some hilarious and brilliant memories with my flatmates from halls. I became a part of the christian union and my relationship with God just… blossomed! I also decided to get baptised at the end of first year, sharing it with some of the most important people in my life.

Second year was SO long! There was loads to learn, lots of hard exams, assignments and placements. It just became quite a stressful year. However, there certainly were some fun memories and happiness throughout- going to Winter Wonderland with my boyfriend, beach days with my family, meeting with friends that I met in China, celebrating my housemate’s birthday with tasty food and cocktails, my friends making me cry with laughter when helping me prep for my OCSE exam (if you girls are reading- you should know what i’m talking bout!!), going to the Isle of Wight with my boyfriend’s family and then Scotland with my family- beautiful views from the hot tub. These are just a few of the memories that captured my heart from my time at university.

Third year has been INTENSE but also AWESOME! So many exciting things have happened and there is so much more to come. I feel like I have had so much more motivation this year (maybe that’s because i’m nearly qualified- not long now!). I’ve had the most amazing placement and actually really liked writing my dissertation… i’m a bit weird I know. I think I just really enjoyed learning more about my topic, developing my understanding and awareness. Although, not gonna lie, it’s also been really stressful at points this year. I have AMAZING housemates, they have continually encouraged and supported me, even when i’ve felt like i’m flagging! I also got a job as a children’s nurse ready to start once i’m qualified, which is super exciting, but a little bit scary too! It’s getting real now.

I ended up not at my university by chance, but because I knew it was my calling to go there. God has abundantly provided for me and shown me so many truths and hardships along the way. I can’t wait to become a fully qualified children’s nurse but equally it’s going to be so hard saying goodbye to some amazing coursemates and housemates that i’ve met whilst being at university. But I have no doubt we’ll continue to keep in touch and share more beautiful times together!

For now, i’ll try to fulfill my dream of becoming…

an inspiring beam of light.



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