he liked it, so he put a ring on it

So... long time, no speak. The reason is pretty valid though, I've been very busy! I have some very exciting news to share with you all, some of you may know, others may not. On the 20th May 2017 I said YES to becoming part of the Stapleton family. My boyfriend (now my fiancé, ooooh... Continue Reading →


let yourself unwind

It's exam period or deadline stress for a lot of people at the moment, whether you are at school, college, university or work. This includes myself, i've recently just handed in my dissertation and i've still got an assignment to write, things to prepare for my final placement and admin bits for my new job.... Continue Reading →

inspirations to me

There are many people in this world or who have been in this world that inspire me. Their positive mindsets, the achievements they've made, the people they've helped, the gentleness of their hearts. It inspires me to be more like these people. Let me explain a bit more about who these are: Florence Nightingale-  this... Continue Reading →

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