inspirations to me

There are many people in this world or who have been in this world that inspire me. Their positive mindsets, the achievements they’ve made, the people they’ve helped, the gentleness of their hearts. It inspires me to be more like these people. Let me explain a bit more about who these are:

  • Florence Nightingale-  this is quite an obvious choice for the fact that I am training to be a nurse. She is an innovator in healthcare and provided hygienic and sanitary conditions within hospitals. The things she achieved helped lay the foundations of safe nursing practice and she is a massive reason in the advancing of healthcare. As International Nurses Day is approaching, it’s made me realise the fearless and selfless actions she took to care for her patients. She is my inspiration because this is the nurse I want to be one day!
  • My grandma- now this one is very personal to me. Sadly my grandma passed away in December 2013 from cancer, but she was and still is a huge inspiration in my life. She always lived with joy and a little bit of silliness. She taught me to never take myself too seriously, to laugh and not let other’s opinions get in the way of fulfilling my dreams. She pushed me to work hard, but always praised and celebrated me, whatever I achieved, whether that was a D or an A. She always encouraged me to continue pursuing my talents and to NEVER give up. She inspires me to bring up my future children/grandchildren with this love and encouragement that she did with me.
  • My boyfriend, Ben- another soppy one (I can hear some of you sighing, but i’ll try not to make it too gushy). Honestly, this man is a true inspiration! His passion for his faith, his ability to continue having complete trust in God no matter what situation he goes through. His positive outlook on life and how he has always shown me the importance in focusing on all the great things we have been given. I love his passion for serving, whether that’s within the church, giving people lifts, helping people out or running errands. His kindness overflows and I guess he’s an inspiration to me to always give and be generous.
  • The Bible, especially Jesus. Jesus’ compassion and endless care for others is admirable- in the Bible it can be seen that he spent time with and loved the sinners and the people that society had pushed away. He spent time with others just like you and I. He was honest and truthful and always proclaiming the goodness of God. He faced temptation, trials and pain but still battled through and relied on God in all circumstances. This is the woman I am continuing to try to be. The woman God has called me to be. I am not perfect and never will be, but aiming to love people just as Jesus did (and still does) is something I hold as very special and is deeply important to me.

I think we all have the opportunity to inspire others with our actions- I truly believe that it doesn’t have to be something huge, it can be as simple as radiating kindness as much as you can. We are only human which means that we are in no way perfect. But we can always aim to bring as much love and joy into the world, and by doing that we will inspire!

“Be always humble, gentle, and patient. Show your love by being tolerant with one another. Do your best to preserve unity which the Spirit gives by means of the peace that binds you together. There is one body and one Spirit, just as there is one hope to which God has called you.”

Ephesians 4:2-4


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