let yourself unwind

It’s exam period or deadline stress for a lot of people at the moment, whether you are at school, college, university or work. This includes myself, i’ve recently just handed in my dissertation and i’ve still got an assignment to write, things to prepare for my final placement and admin bits for my new job. This is taking up a lot of time and it can be so easy to forget to relax or unwind from all of these. For me personally, it usually leads to me becoming unwell and then having to take time off- which is not what I want to happen. I’ve decided to talk about some of my favourite things to do to unwind when i’m feeling stressed or I just need to take a break. I’m the type of person who really enjoys having company and being around others. But I do also enjoy some time to myself, so for me it’s a balance of both!

  • Going for walks outside in the fresh air is one of my favourite things to do- I personally prefer going with some company. I enjoy having deep discussions together, taking pictures of nature (and each other too, maybe taking a cheeky selfie…), laughing and joking around. Being with friends or loved ones helps to de-stress, but also being outside just helps you to forget about the pressures of life and enjoy the beauty of the world around us instead.
  • Cooking (and eating, of course) are massive de-stressers for me. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed. I know for many people, cooking may not be classified as “relaxation time”, but if it is, try making, experimenting and trying new meals for yourself. Go ahead, buy yourself a new cookbook and go crazy! If you enjoy eating good food, but not necessarily cooking it, you could always put aside some money and time, once a month or every couple of months go out for a delicious meal with some friends or family (or on your own- go for it!). I adore indian, thai and mexican food, so I really enjoy having mexican evenings with my housemates or creating a new tasty curry with different ingredients.
  • Having a bath, especially with Lush products is super relaxing. I love to just de-stress by reading a good book and listen to my chilled out spotify playlist. My favourite Lush bath bombs at the moment are called the “Roller” and the “Which Came first?”. I also love just popping a face mask on and painting my nails- taking time out to pamper myself!
  • If you love writing and haven’t ever written a journal or a diary, then I would massively recommend it. I find it helps me to reflect on the journeys and adventures I’ve had throughout the day. It helps you to be aware of the things that are troubling or upsetting you, but also as a reminder of all the joyful things you can be thankful for. A plus side to journalling is you can buy loads of pretty notebooks… seriously I have wayyyy too many! For me personally, journalling reminds me of the blessings that God has poured out over my life, but also the things that I need to keep praying for. Ultimately helping me to focus on God in every circumstance!


Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, make sure that throughout life (especially the stressful periods of time), you take time to look after yourself and relax. This is something that i’ve learnt is vital in order to not burn out. I feel like after 3 stressful, but wonderful years of university, i’m only just realising the true importance of this!

Whatever challenges you face, you have strength and you can do it! But please don’t forget to look after yourself too.


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