beauty is loving the whole you- inside and out.

I wanted to talk with you about something I am really learning about myself.

I feel as if the topic of body confidence and loving your (inner and outer) beauty is a big talking point at the moment. This is exciting, because this expression of LOVE for ourselves is needed now more than ever. In a society where body shaming and negative comparison happens on a daily basis, children are battling with fears, anxieties about their bodies/personalities and even suffering with eating disorders at such a young age, something needed to happen. To see this positivity and encouragement that we are beautiful as humans, is exciting!

We all have days when we feel imperfect and insecure- that is okay and completely normal. It’s how we deal with those feelings and how we help ourselves to be positive about the bodies and personalities we were given. Here are some of the things that help me when I’m having an “agh” day…

1. Remind yourselves of the amazing people you have around you and that they LOVE you. You are cherished just as you are, with all your beauty and your flaws. Doing this on a daily basis, enables me to remember that I am great and I don’t need to change. If it helps, go ahead and ask some of your nearest and dearest what they love about you. Then go and tell them what you love about them!

2. For every negative you speak over yourself, you have to say 3 truthful things you adore about yourself.

Being honest: I haven’t liked my skin for a long time- the way it is so blemished/scarred from having acne as a teenager. However, I love my long, healthy hair, my musical ability to play the piano/ sing and my caring nature which enables me to empathise and understand other’s situations.

3. SELF CARE. This is key- look after yourself. Pamper yourself. Do whatever makes you feel good and like a queeeeeen.

You are beautiful. You are cherished. You are loved. Believe in yourself.


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